Tikilluarit – Welcome

Welcome to this TEMPORARILY site. It will be fully running about AugustĀ 1.

My name is Ole Heinrich and is currently employed as a language consultant at the Bureau for Inatsisartut, Parliament of Greenland.

I have decided to temporarily quit my job by and try to be myself, do what I like most – educate, inform and help people.

I’m almost old, 61 years, but with a young mind.

I’m educated as a teacher from Ilinniarfissuq, 1981, but has never worked as a teacher, besides my internship at Qaqortup Atuarfia.

Ilinniarfissuaq was founded in 1847 and the oldest educational institution in Greenland

After my teacher’s degree I was employed as an information officer at the then Directorate of Trade, where my first job was to travel to the worlds northernmost municipality Avanersuup Kommunia, now part of Avannaata Kommunia, and the worlds northernmost village Siorapaluk and interview people to collect ammunition for our fight against the Arctic Pilot Project.

The delegation from Greenland to The National Energy Boards hearing about the Arctic Pilot Project

After the creation of Tusarliivik, Greenland Home Rule Information Service, my job followed.

My poster for Qajaq Atoqqilertigu – the forerunner for the qajaq movement


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